A Smarter Solution to Smartphones? Security Issues Related to Employees’ Personal Use of Work-Provided Smartphones.

In response to concerns regarding security issues arising from employees’ personal use of work-provided smartphones, the solution of a split-personality smartphone may put those fears to rest. CNN has reported that many companies, such as AT&T, are presenting the idea of dual purpose smartphones. “Toggle,” for example, is a service that “separates an Android phone into personal and work environments,” where the user can easily switch between the two. The personal mode has no restrictions, while the work mode is secured and can only run approved applications. Data for both modes is kept separate, and the entire system is managed company-wide from a central Web portal. While only time will tell whether these new services produce their desired result, some posit that the dual-role technology could become an issue for trade secret and/or misappropriation litigation. LG, Samsung, Blackberry, and iPhone are also in the running for developing quality split-personality platforms.

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