Flat Fee Consultation – Business Law

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During a business law consultation, you can direct how you would like Attorney Small to focus the time he spends on your matter.  In the past, clients have found it useful for Attorney Small to provide the following types of counsel during this type of paid, flat-fee consultation:

  • Assist with selecting among different options for incorporating a new entity (Inc., LLC, LLP, unincorporated partnership, etc.) or about whether to opt-out or rely upon various default provisions for by-laws or operating agreements
  • Assist with determining rights and obligations to resolve disputes or dissolve an existing business partnership or corporate entity
  • Assist with determining your rights and obligations under and existing or proposed non-compete agreement
  • An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a potential breach of contract claim
  • Assist with interpreting contract terms and understanding your rights and obligations under those terms
  • Assist with developing legal theories and strategies for negotiating with the other party to a contract
  • Reviewing a proposed contract and assist with developing a counter-offer
  • Legal analysis of other documents (such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, employment handbook or policies, contracts) or potential unwritten agreements related to your matter

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