Large firm training & experience in a boutique firm for business and individual clients seeking smart legal solutions.

Attorney Ted Small represents business and individual clients seeking smart legal solutions for employment, business and elder law matters. Attorney Small brings to each such representation the training and experience from his former practice as a partner in Holland & Knight LLP’s Labor and Employment Group in Washington, DC and Orlando, FL. and his current practice as outside counsel to a local taxing district and small businesses. Attorney Small is also available to serve as a neutral investigator, mediator or arbitrator to resolve litigation disputes.

Practice Areas:


Attorney Small has over 30 years of experience handling a wide variety of business and commercial matters, including: employment and HR policies; contractual agreements; partnership operating agreements and by-laws; government contracts; and statutory and regulatory compliance.  He is committed to utilizing that breadth of analytical and procedural experience to assist clients with outside general counseling matters.


Attorney Small has handled litigation matters throughout his over 30-year career for both individual and business clients, both plaintiffs and defendants, in a wide variety of matters. He currently offers neutral case evaluation for in-house and outside counsel seeking an objective, second opinion to spot issues while they can still be corrected and thereby avoid the loss of credibility with boards, judges or juries.


Employers need experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to help them understand their legal rights and responsibilities and to avoid disputes.  Attorney Small offers objective assessments of potential claims, thoughtful analysis of the relevant employment law and practical HR guidance on wage and hour claims, DOL audits and termination decisions.


Sometimes parties elect or are required (by contract) to utilize arbitration or mediation to resolve their disputes. These out-of-court proceedings allow individuals and businesses an opportunity to select Attorney Small as an arbitrator or mediator to facilitate a mutual resolution.

                 ELDER LAW COUNSEL

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Attorney Small is available to assist with your estate planning and Medicaid qualification needs, including Last Will, Living Will, Revocable Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Life Estate Real Estate Deed, Medicaid Qualification and Lifetime Personal Services Contracts.


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Attorney Small offers a flat-fee counseling option on discrete matters, such as when employers are contemplating termination decisions, when individuals are evaluating estate planning  or medicaid planning options or when business owners are reviewing unfamiliar contract terms.

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