Flat Fee Consultation – Elder Law

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Regarding Elder Law matters, you can direct how you would like Attorney Small to focus the time he spends on your matter.  In the past, clients have found it useful for Attorney Small to provide the following types of counsel during this type of paid, flat-fee consultation:

  • Counsel concerning your options to transfer property from elders or to heirs (non-probate versus probate assets; intestate vs. testate, summary vs. formal administration, determination of homestead vs. real estate deed)
  • Counsel regarding your options for the title of real property (life estate, beneficiary, transfer on death, tenancy by entireties, tenants in common, etc.)
  • Counsel regarding whether your personal circumstances indicate the need to execute a living will, last will, limited power of attorney, DPOA, health care surrogate, HIPAA release, etc.)
  • Counsel concerning legal documents to facilitate “income” and “asset” qualification for Medicaid Long Term Care assistance

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